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Revitalive’s Pick of the Week: Dates

Organic Medjool Dates

If you were to think of one ingredient common to most desserts, sugar would probably be the first ingredient to come to mind, and for good reason. Desserts are sweet, and that’s a big part of why they are such a wonderful treat! But sweetness does not have to come from refined sugars. At Revitalive Café, we sweeten our desserts with a very special type of fruit that provides more than just sweetness: organic Medjool dates.

By using the whole fruit, our desserts get much more benefit from the dates than just their natural sugar content, which supplies the body with energy. In particular, dates are high in fiber, which can prevent a spike in blood sugar, not to mention help improve digestion. Dates are also high in protein, iron, potassium, and quite the variety of other vitamins and minerals. In other words, our desserts – including our mouth-watering brownies with their date sauce spread on top beneath the chocolate sauce – are actually good for you!

Dates grow in clusters on the date palm, an ancient type of tree first cultivated in North Africa, the Middle East, and South West Asia. They have been used not only for the fruit they bear, but also to provide shade and to provide materials for buildings as well as baskets and mats. The date palm, or Phoenix dactylifera (a pretty awesome Latin name, meaning date-bearing phoenix) has been greatly respected throughout history in many cultures. Muslims consider the date palm to be sacred. The ancient Hebrews called the date palm the “tree of life.” The Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol for a year is the date palm. The ancient Greeks based their design of ionic columns on the shape of the date palm. This list goes on…

Many of our desserts use dates, mixed with other great ingredients like almonds, cacao, and coconut. So next time you’re feeling guilty about craving dessert, think again, and come pick out a treat at Revitalive made with the fruit that so many ancient cultures revered and that modern nutrition thinks pretty highly of too!
raw vegan desserts
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Organic Compost

Revitalive Process of the Week: Composting

Organic Compost

Organic Compost

We couldn’t decide what to write about this week. Should we choose a vegetable? An ingredient in our raw desserts? A “superfood”? A well known but underrated ingredient? A food with a color we haven’t yet covered? (Blueberries?)

Unable to settle on one of these, we decided to cover all of them for this week’s post by talking about a very important process in which they all may play a role.

Almost all of the ingredients used at Revitalive (everything except seaweeds and algae) come from soil, so any leftovers can be returned to the soil. Even the utensils, cups, and many of the containers at Revitalive are made from plant material, making them compostable. Any containers we use that are not compostable are recyclable. In fact, nothing you buy from Revitalive needs to be thrown in the trash!

Revitalive Café has both a recycling bin and a composting bin for your use, which we bring out to the Tannery’s larger bins at the end of each day, along with the scraps we produce in our kitchen. Behind the scenes, we have pulp from juiced produce, avocado peels, and lots of crumbs caught in the sink drains. We do our best to compost all of these.

The Tannery’s compost bins are collected by Black Earth Compost, a company based in Gloucester that turns food waste and certain paper products into compost, which is then used at local farms. These farms may be the very o

Organic Compost

Organic Compost

nes that Revitalive sources some of its produce, so we’re talking full circle with our ingredients! Compost is rich material that naturally fertilizes soil, and by reusing waste like this, we’re diverting loads of material from landfills, where it will simply take up space, doing more harm than good.

The Revitalive team invites you join us in our efforts to produce as little waste as possible by being mindful of how you dispose of your leftover food and paper products. If you finish your meal at the Tannery, please use the designated bins in our café or elsewhere in the Tannery to throw out any food scraps and compostable or recyclable containers.

Please be aware that non-compostable items placed in the composting bin are not removed or filtered out at any point, so they will instead become pollution in the soil of a farm. There is a list of compostable and recyclable items above each of our bins, and the products themselves say whether or not they can be composted. Please help a local farmer, and check before chucking!

Next week, we return to our regular scheduling.  Thank you for reading, and happy Earth-saving!



Parsley Blog

Revitalive’s Pick of the Week: Parsley

Parsley Blog
Before starting off this week’s post, let’s welcome back Quinoa Taboule to the Grab & Go section at Revitalive! Quinoa Taboule is our gluten-free version of the traditional Middle Eastern salad, with red quinoa instead of bulgur wheat, and with a wonderful mix of tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, lemon, and – you guessed it – parsley.

Parsley originated in the Mediterranean region of Europe (likely in Greece and/or Italy) and has a history one would not expect from such a flavorful, popular, and healthy food. Ancient Greeks used parsley, but not for food; they associated it with death, believing it sprang from the blood of the god Archemorus, “the forerunner of death.” They used it to decorate tombs and as crowns for the victors at funeral games (which celebrated the lives of those who had recently passed).

Contradictorily, Hippocrates of ancient Greek times may have been one of the first people to use parsley as medicine. Since that time, parsley has been used for digestive and urinary tract problems, for rheumatoid arthritis, to build blood, to bring on a late menstrual cycle, to reverse baldness, and as a poison antidote. An interesting mix of treatment options!

It may not have been until Charlemagne’s time in the Early Middle Ages that parsley became popular as a seasoning, and Catherine de Medici is said to have introduced it to France in the Late Middle Ages.

Now, parsley is one of the most popular herbs in the world. It is often used to garnish dishes, but like in taboule, it can also be used as a main ingredient. Parsley is super high in vitamin K, which is important for bone health, has three times the amount of vitamin C as oranges, and has double the iron of spinach. It is also a good source of vitamin A and folic acid.

Beyond vitamins, parsley has flavonoids with antioxidant effects, and its oils may help prevent cancer and protect against chemotherapy’s side effects.

The potential benefits of eating parsley include:
• Improving digestion
• Stimulating the appetite
• Relieving symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis
• Promoting urination
• Bringing on a late menstrual cycle
• Freshening breath (by chewing the fresh leaves)
• Reducing gas and bloating (by chewing the seeds)
• Preventing cancer
• Protecting against the toxic effects of chemotherapy

Parsley can be found in the following salads and juices at Revitalive:
• Lean Green juice
• Spicy Green juice
• Kale Caesar salad
• Quinoa Taboule

The ancient Greeks sure knew a lot, but we’re happy that their superstitions about parsley are not true. Come in to try one of these salads or juices to find out what they were missing!

Kale Caesar Salad


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Fall Favorites

We love fall. We love the weather, the leaves turning colors, and most of all the delicious local apples that are in season. We use the awesome local apples paired with cinnamon, ginger, and cloves to make our delicious apple cider. We love juicing apples during the fall; there are so many flavors and varieties.

Another one of our favorite parts about fall is pumpkins, which is why we created our pumpkin parfait. They are made with fresh young Thai coconuts.  The taste is incredible – light & creamy, smooth and similar to a pumpkin mousse. Simply delicious!

So come on down to our café to try one of our fall favorites!

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