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Organic Compost

Revitalive Process of the Week: Composting

Organic Compost

Organic Compost

We couldn’t decide what to write about this week. Should we choose a vegetable? An ingredient in our raw desserts? A “superfood”? A well known but underrated ingredient? A food with a color we haven’t yet covered? (Blueberries?)

Unable to settle on one of these, we decided to cover all of them for this week’s post by talking about a very important process in which they all may play a role.

Almost all of the ingredients used at Revitalive (everything except seaweeds and algae) come from soil, so any leftovers can be returned to the soil. Even the utensils, cups, and many of the containers at Revitalive are made from plant material, making them compostable. Any containers we use that are not compostable are recyclable. In fact, nothing you buy from Revitalive needs to be thrown in the trash!

Revitalive Café has both a recycling bin and a composting bin for your use, which we bring out to the Tannery’s larger bins at the end of each day, along with the scraps we produce in our kitchen. Behind the scenes, we have pulp from juiced produce, avocado peels, and lots of crumbs caught in the sink drains. We do our best to compost all of these.

The Tannery’s compost bins are collected by Black Earth Compost, a company based in Gloucester that turns food waste and certain paper products into compost, which is then used at local farms. These farms may be the very o

Organic Compost

Organic Compost

nes that Revitalive sources some of its produce, so we’re talking full circle with our ingredients! Compost is rich material that naturally fertilizes soil, and by reusing waste like this, we’re diverting loads of material from landfills, where it will simply take up space, doing more harm than good.

The Revitalive team invites you join us in our efforts to produce as little waste as possible by being mindful of how you dispose of your leftover food and paper products. If you finish your meal at the Tannery, please use the designated bins in our café or elsewhere in the Tannery to throw out any food scraps and compostable or recyclable containers.

Please be aware that non-compostable items placed in the composting bin are not removed or filtered out at any point, so they will instead become pollution in the soil of a farm. There is a list of compostable and recyclable items above each of our bins, and the products themselves say whether or not they can be composted. Please help a local farmer, and check before chucking!

Next week, we return to our regular scheduling.  Thank you for reading, and happy Earth-saving!


Photo: http://www.ways2gogreen.com/CompostGoingGreenWithBlackGold.html